He never made it on Earth.
But a magical wish makes him the brightest star in a universe on the verge of
"The Great Suckening!"
We're totally screwed.

Brian’s work reminds me of the Cartoon Network Shows I grew up watching and adore so much.Very funny stuff. Also as a music and science guy, I love the mashup. Check him out. You won’t regret it. – Rob J Pep (Reader)


You’re going to look forward to the second issue. Will Riff save this rock-music dimension one villainous underling at a time? It’ll be fun to find out, especially if there are more puns involved. – Donna-Lyn Washington (ReviewFix.com)



The Mighty Riff™ is an independent comic from the shallow yet deeply confused mind of Brian Coles and edited by his dear, patient wife Rose Coles.

Imagine if Flash Gordon, Angus Young and Benny Hill conceived a child while watching a VHS copy of The Ice Pirates.

After wiping the bile off your chin, we encourage you to reflect on the fabulous yet triumphant disaster this promises!

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Comic Con Revolution Ontario
Sat, May 18th – Sun, May 19th



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The Mighty Riff at WonderCon Anaheim 3/29-/3/31

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All three issues of The Mighty Riff will be on sale with special trading cards at WonderCon  (Anaheim, CA) March 29th - 31st, 2019 (2 weeks away!).Drop by for a fun chat with moi (Brian Coles) and my amazing wife (Editor).  We'll be at Booth SP-57 in the Small Press area under "Collidescope"!


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In the final chapter of this story arc, The Mighty Riff battles a mutated Drooping Molly in the hairiest of hairy battles as The Great Suckening closes in with a vengeance! Digital Version NOW AVAILABLE here: https://www.comixcentral.com/vendors/the-mighty-riff/ and here: https://www.drawmeincomics.com/shop/wbcoles NOTE! All 3 issues tell a complete story! Print version coming soon!

The Review Fix Positively Reviews Riffy!

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Donna-Lyn Washington at ReviewFix.com has reviewed The Mighty Riff! Here's a snippet: ‘The Mighty Riff’ written and illustrated by Brian Coles may visually remind you of ‘Phineas and Ferb.’ With a mixture of the absurd and hope, Riff and his crew just may save this universe. And as independent comics go this one is of high quality digitally. It also has a quick, cohesive pace which you’ll appreciate as a reader. You’re going to look forward to the second issue. Will Riff save this rock-music dimension one villainous underling at [...]

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