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He never made it on Earth.
But a magical wish makes him the brightest star in a universe on the verge of
"The Great Suckening!"
We're totally screwed.



The Mighty Riff™ is a forthcoming comic from the shallow yet deeply confused mind of Brian Coles and edited by his dear, patient wife Rose Coles.

Imagine if Flash Gordon, Angus Young and Benny Hill conceived a child while watching a VHS copy of The Ice Pirates.

After wiping the bile off your chin, we encourage you to reflect on the fabulous yet triumphant disaster this promises!

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Mark Your Calendars!

We’ll be at San Diego Rocket Con April 28th!Click here for event details!


The Mighty Riff™ Debut Was a Guitar Smashing Success!

By | February 19th, 2018|Categories: Events, News, RIFF NOTES|

Thank you to all of those wonderful people who dropped by and shared great convos, bought a copy of The Mighty Riff™ #1 and to the industry people who are so encouraging to those around her!   Special thanks to Barbra J Dillon at Fanbase Press who took time to give fellow comic creator Derek Lipscomb and I some great insight and champion comics in general!  

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