The Review Fix Positively Reviews Riffy!

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Donna-Lyn Washington at has reviewed The Mighty Riff!

Here’s a snippet: ‘The Mighty Riff’ written and illustrated by Brian Coles may visually remind you of ‘Phineas and Ferb.’ With a mixture of the absurd and hope, Riff and his crew just may save this universe. And as independent comics go this one is of high quality […]

Issue #2 Digital AND Print NOW AVAILABLE!

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Cocky after defeating Drooping Molly’s minion Bea Bouncé, The Mighty Riff™ and crew face devastation from a steroid-infused electro freak in Wünder Brëd. An epic clash ensues on The Foggy Moon, home of black metal bunny band and wild card – Beatrixxx Potter!

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